Isle of Wight

This drawing is a plan for a print- I want to make some work about the downside of parenthood. This day at the zoo was a bit bleak. There’s something bleak about the way you have expectations- (wow we’re going to see a tiger! ) and then the tiger’s pacing up and down behind a fence. You can see it too well- the mystery’s gone. And it was cold and I was fed up and the cafe was rubbish. I want to do some work about the frustrations and disapointments of parenthood. I don’t want to just select the good moments to make pictures about.

There was a little rubbish dump at the corner of the site we were on.  Sammy said it was better than the zoo. They played and played- best pirate buddies. And I got to draw. For me, these drawings remind me why I bother drawing- It was a lovely process of being involved and lost in observing, and then I end up with these things that etch this fabulous morning on my memory. I feel the drawings just get my boys brotherly play, and I’ll look at these pics in the future and remember what they were like at the moment.

They came over and drew in my book:

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One Comment on “Isle of Wight”

  1. jane marriner Says:

    really love it Ed, great idea the difficulties of a day out (life) as well as all the good times.
    smashing little drawings too……

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