My new mangle printing press





I’ve just converted an old toy mangle into a little press. It prints relief blocks beautifully up to about A4 size.
It took me a while to figure out but the trick to mangle presses seems to be putting a board on top as well as underneath. This seems to do the job of the bigger rollers on a real press. Before I figured this out I always got wrinkles in the paper. With this little press a piece of lino on top works as the top board. This is the third mangle press I’ve converted. It’s fabulously satisfying. I haven’t managed to do intaglio prints on a mangle press though. If anyone has any tips on this please leave a comment!

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3 Comments on “My new mangle printing press”

  1. Ole Skat Nielsen Says:

    A fine looking press and an excellent idea!

  2. Its not a easy job but ts awesome to see such a nice printing.

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