Winter Prints sketches

Dixie Loves Flynn Best

I did this sketch of Flynn and Dixie on the sofa. Dixie the dog was cuddling up with Flynn. Dixie always chooses Flynn. I was grabbing a lovely little moment.

It became this…

My World sketch

The final print ended up being about the friendship but also about how my boy created this little cosy place for himself with his favourite things and his favourite dog. The space duvet hints that this tiny intimate place somehow contains the whole universe because his imagination is so huge!

My World

The print can be purchased here.

At the same time I made a sketch in a cafe when I was feeling very nostalgic and bittersweet about my boys when they were tiny:

winter cafe sketch 1

I worked on it a bit:

winter cafe sketch 2

…and here’s the final print:

Winter Cafe Choosing cakes

The print can also be purchased here

The heat of the place, snow out the window and the company of a funny wriggler. I even miss all the hassle- the pram, the snacks, the wipes, the nappies, the layers of clothes.

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One Comment on “Winter Prints sketches”

  1. Oh I do love the way these turned out! 😀 And yes, children grow up fast 😦

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