Songs for Woody at Hastings Folk Fest

I’ve known vaguely about Woody Guthrie for years without quite getting what the fuss was about.  But a few months ago I sat down and learnt his great song of belonging, pride and protest: ‘This Land is Your Land’,  and I realised what a great poet, singer and song writer he was. I’ve been listening and learning ever since. These songs should be sung! Here’s a chance:

Songs for Woody at Hastings Folk Fest.

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2 Comments on “Songs for Woody at Hastings Folk Fest”

  1. Mike Surman Says:

    hi Ed will be playing at the WG night in May with Bob Blizard looking forward to meeting you did you know Kitty French either at Thomas Peacocke Rye or in Hastings Love your work really spiritual and heartfelt might be going to see you at the JLind if I can Get a ticket Mike Surman

    • edboxall Says:

      Hi Mike, Thanks so much for your kind comment- it’s lovely to hear that you made a connection with my work. Really looking forward to Woody Night tomorrow, bit nervous too! Be great to hear you play. Cheers ! Ed

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