Pump Organ Pleasures

We went to the Isle of Wight over Easter. I did a lovely Art Fair at The Depozitory in Ryde. The Depozitory is a big chapel that’s been converted to art studios. I found an old pump organ downstairs. I decided I  had to make the most of the lovely sound so recorded it on a little recording studio app on my phone. I can’t actually play keyboard but felt I couldn’t waste the opportunity, so I found a  couple of 2 chord sequences that I recorded. There was also a piano, so I recorded that too.  I went home and added banjo and words.

This is a little lullaby called ‘Under The Ivy Night Rambles’ based on my series of pictures of that name. I loved playing with words to describe the wonderful experience of rambling around The Isle of Wight and other wonderful British countryside holiday places. A timeless night time ramble.

Night Sounds done

Here’s the organ:
pump organ


I also made this song ‘The Wizard’s Fingers’:


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