Dear Greenish Friends

Okay, so I know this is stating the obvious, and may lose me a friend or two.  But… if you vote Green in Hastings and Rye you are splitting the left wing vote and making it more likely The Tories will win. Some people I know who would usually vote Labour are saying they’ll vote Green. The Tories know you’d never vote for them but you’ll have helped them  by taking a vote from Labour. I think Labour are by far the best choice for Hastings and Rye but even if you don’t agree, they are the only party that can defeat The Tories here. Tactical voting gets sneered at,  but in this case, to vote Green will help  The Tories far more than it will help to create the fairer society that both Labour and The Greens want.

I think we’re really lucky with our Labour candidate here. It’s a particularly good town to vote Labour rather than Green. Sarah Owen is Hastings to the core, has masses of experience in public sector work and works really hard for  issues that make a real difference to the day to day lives of   ordinary people such as supporting the buses, post offices, and the health service.

Jo Brand says ” I know she’ll stick up for the community”

Sarah gets what the fundamental difference between Labour and The Conservatives is all about, in a convincingly no-nonsense sort of way:

“The Tories believe in a very small state, leaving people to get on with it by themselves. I don’t  believe in allowing people to fall by the wayside. When they need our support we (the state) should be there”

I think anyone from The Green Party would agree with this statement but may feel Labour won’t go far enough. The thing is, the only possible outcomes for here are Labour or Conservative. So, if you believe in the Green Party’s perspective I think the question to ask is: “Which of those two outcomes will help The Green perspective the most? Who will be more sympathetic?” It’s no contest. However, by voting Green in Hastings and Rye, ironically, you help towards a Tory  outcome that would make it harder for those Green ideas to be heard.

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5 Comments on “Dear Greenish Friends”

  1. Anna Says:

    Ed, I get your point and I am still undecided. But if I agree to vote against what I believe in (no Trident, no TTIP, no fracking) then these things will carry on. If I, however, go with my heart and vote Green, then I agree that is is probably a ‘wasted’ vote, at least in the short term, but I am showing what I , as a voter , care about. And perhaps by doing that the mainstream parties will know that they need to ‘green up’ a bit in order to get votes next time around?

    • edboxall Says:

      Thanks Anna, I think I’ll quote my Journo friend Chris Broughton to help persuade you to vote Labour:
      “The green movement will continue to gain traction under a Labour government, as it must, and Sarah Owen is one of the prospective MPs willing to openly defy the (very disappointing) party line on fracking.”
      Also…Tony Benn who said “Politics is too important to be left to the politicians”. Voting is just one part of being political! Just ‘cus you vote for a party with some policies you disagree with to ensure the best of the possible outcomes available doesn’t mean you can’t work in other ways to get other ideas heard. 🙂

  2. Chris W. Petts Says:

    Having been to many of the recent hustings around Hastings I’ll agree that Sarah is a very good choice. In a sense it’s unfortunate that we live in a constituency with such a committed Labour candidate.
    However, if it hadn’t been for the dramatic rise of Green support I don’t believe Labour would have been prompted to move to the left as they have. Or at least appear to…
    I remember voting for Labour in 1997 and look what we got – Tory Bliar and Gorgon Clown, ‘we are a socialist’, Gulf War support and all the rest. Never again. They cannot be trusted.
    Amber Rudd will not survive this election. She is spent. At the recent HIP Hastings hustings the exit poll (albeit from a heavily Labour-backing audience) was 43% Sarah, 41% Jake and 10% Amber.
    I understand your point, but there comes a time when we have to stand up for what we want, and the more of us that do it, the more chance we have of succeeding. To blame Green supporters for the failure of Labour to combat the crimes of the Conservatives is disingenuous. Labour (and LibDems) could have done SO much more to ignite a revolution against the shit that Tories are doing. Only when the Green Party ramped up the pressure did either get of their arses.
    So no, tactical voting is over. It’s time to do something real, whatever the risk. Because Labour in power will be Tory lite, again. And you know it.

  3. Chris W. Petts Says:

  4. Sasha Says:

    Trade your vote with a labour voter in a safe seat so you still get the Green vote registered nationally:

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