“Every day is a yellow day…

…I’m blinded by the daisies in your yard ”

I know it’s possible that Prince wasn’t referring to the creative possibilities of post-it notes when he wrote that, but it certainly seems to fit.

post it 6

There was a yellow end to a grey post-election Friday at the opening of our ‘Post it Note’ exhibition at Room 13 West Rise. Everyone at school- children, staff and visitors- has made a piece of art on a post it note over the past few weeks. The work  now covers the walls of our new exhibition space. Some of the work comes from whole class drawing games, some is completely independently done.

Post it Polar Bear

The opening was a joy, thanks to Karen Stephens and the children’s committee who help run Room 13. It was packed with visitors and the children who’d helped set it up loved meeting and greeting and making announcements. It was even more of a success than I thought it might be, nearly all the staff came and lots of parents. The best thing was that they stayed for ages looking and chatting about the work.

I think it’s a miracle how emotions and ideas spill out spontaneously…every single one of these images could be the start of a poem, a story, a novel, a song or a play. The marks are beautiful:a record of involved investigation, of creative flow. Given the chance to daydream,  question and think freely these little moments can turn into incredible things. There’s got to be room in the school day for that.

It’s an easy and cheap project to do. How about doing a post it show in your school…cafe…living room?

I think it’s good to give lots of starting points…I got them drawing each other without taking the pencil from the paper, working on each others pictures, responding to titles.

To hear more about Room 13 West Rise check out the Room 13 Blog

Post it 7

post it 1 Post it 2 post it 3 post it 4 post it 5

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