O’Hooley and Tidow Live

I’m re-posting this because O’Hooley and Tidow are coming to my home town of Hastings on October 9th. They’re playing the Electric Palace. Please check out http://ohooleyandtidow.com/ to get your tickets!

Ed Boxall

Anyone who read my last post on O’Hooley and Tidow will know that I’m feeling very loved up about this folk duo. I went to see them play in Lewes at the Elephant and Castle on Saturday night. They did not disappoint. As we walked to the car afterwards my wife Rachel said ” Well, I guess they were the best singers I’ve ever seen” . Rachel is not prone to gushing complements, so that meant something, I can tell you.

The singing was amazing- as the evening progressed the sound soared higher and bigger and gained in intensity. On some it was hard to believe  just two women were singing.  On songs like ‘Like Horses’, and ‘Kitsune’  they got this great big layered, choral sound.  You don’t need an orchestra for sweeping dramatics if you’re this good at singing. The records are fantastic but you have to see them…

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