Big Draw tomorrow!!


All the preparations, workshops, sticking, cutting and constructing is just about over…It’s the Big Draw at The De La Warr tomorrow from 11 to 4!

Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, hundreds of children from local schools have created 34 portals to other universes, each portal has a different drawing activity attached to it that participants can enjoy.

I’ve also made 5 portals and other activities in which you creators can bring new worlds into being with The Power of Pencil. There’s a Snot Troll, whose magic snot becomes your wildest wishes, a library of books you dream into being and a Junkyard dragon who vomits his robot victims…you can draw them back to life.

There will be the ‘Wood Between The Worlds’, inspired by The Magicians Nephew, in which you can create your own worlds in the pools in the The Wood Between The Worlds, one of my favourite bits from the Narnia books. Also, climb through a specially made tunnel to do some Doodle Bunny story making with my characters.

I’ve organised the Big Draw before, it’s always been good but I think this one’s going to be special because of the fabulous meeting of minds between so many creative people…teachers, children, De La Warr team. I also think the ‘Portals’ idea will go on, hopefully inspiring creative work in schools and other venues. Hope to see you there!


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