Celts and Gundestrup Cauldron Drawings

I made these drawings on my visit to the ‘Celts’ exhibition at The British Museum in January. The Gundestrup Caudron, on loan from the Museum of Denmark, was the centrepiece of the show and I spent most of the afternoon drawing it. I began every page by drawing without stopping or taking the pen off the paper. This is a really good way of getting into the flow of drawing. I’ve been immersed in celtic storyland for years now, very much through Yeats and  Robin Williamson.  It was a really happy day lost in drawing these mysterious objects.

Gundestrup 2

Gundestrup Cauldron god

Gundestrup 3

Gundestrup Cauldron god

Gundestrup 4

Gundestrup Cauldron god

Gundestrup 5

Gundestrup Cauldron god

Island hermit

Gundestrup Cauldron god


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2 Comments on “Celts and Gundestrup Cauldron Drawings”

  1. I love these drawings, so spontaneous and alive

  2. […] Just lovely drawings from Ed Boxall who is an artist and educator. There are lots of ideas regarding learning about the Celts on his blog.https://edboxall.co.uk/2016/03/21/celts-and-gundestrup-cauldron-drawings/ […]

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