The Twilight Dragon

I recently performed my poem ‘The Twilight Dragon’ for the first time at a performance in at Hastings Fishermen’s Museum. As I was performing I realised the words were  wrong and tried improvising new ones. It didn’t work too well but I think the musical accompaniment, with Tim Hoyte, meant I  got away with it.

I’ve now worked on it a lot and here it is:

It’s about the subtle loveliness of twilight, and finding a special, quiet place after the busyness of the day.

The Twilight Dragon

After school, when everyone was tired,
when Dad was in his study,
and Mum was on the phone,

I’d climb the tree,
and leave the garden far beneath,
The Twilight Dragon was at the top,
waiting for me.

His feathers would flutter,
with every sunset colour,
pink magenta red yellow and gold,

I’d climb up,
his heart beating under my feet,
and find a strong feather to hold.
Very tightly.

Me and the only dragon
in the universe,
would fly silently,

Over the factories,
and the chimneys,
of the city,
to the wide open sea

Faraway, from the chatter of my school day,
over the horizon,
to his home behind the sky.

We’d wander for hours,
talking as we explored,
his deep blue mountain lakes,
his rivers and empty moors.

In the distance,
I’d hear Dad say dinner’s ready.
Across time I hear him now.

The twilight dragon
is still alive as on those evenings,
when I’m alone and very silent,
I still find him

He’s the only dragon
in the universe.
He’s alone, like me.

Anyone Could see him
If they looked up,
but they never look up,
they never see.

©Ed Boxall 2017

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4 Comments on “The Twilight Dragon”

  1. artsofmay Says:

    Beautiful poem and performance.

  2. Daien Says:

    What an utterly enchanting song; I listened as I walked the beach the other morning and was transported as always with your magic.

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