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Red Slipper
Like many girls of 17, The Rose would LOVE a boyfriend.

For a while I was selfishly happy she didn’t have one. It meant I could keep her safe and at home and that we didn’t have to worry about her being at parties, drinking too much or getting lifts with strangers!

Of course I hoped one day that would all change but was secretly thankful that for the moment, it was one less thing to stress about.

The Rose doesn’t lack socialisation. She’s happy at college and mentions names and people fairly often (although the names change as she satellites around the various groups, never quite landing for long enough). I’ve met a handful of these people, (they don’t often come back)– but I am so grateful for social media – The Rose stays very well connected in her virtual world, and for now that’s just fine, she’s happy.

However there have been…

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