Tonight My Heart Makes Angels Sing: Rilke poem set to music

Tonight My Heart Makes Angels Sing words by Rainer Maria Rilke, translated by A.Poulin Jr. Performed by Ed Boxall.

I recently discovered the poems Rilke wrote in French towards the end of his life. I don’t think are as well known as lots of his work but I’ve connected with them in a big way. feel like I’ve discovered bured treasure! They are short, incredibly rich in ideas and have a kind of really open, spontaneous feel. I’ve put the first poem in the ‘Orchards’ book to music. It hasn’t got a title but that line ‘Tonight My Heart Makes Angels Sing’ is just wonderful.

I’ve used a translation by A.Poulin Jr but mis-remembered slightly when I sang it: ‘drawn’ should be ‘lured’.

I’ve used images of fires, paths and twilight for the film that goes with the poem. These seem to fit…quite universal images that might suggest revery. Also features my son controlling the fire and sea…which seems to fit the idea of having an influence on cosmic forces which I hear in the line ‘Tonight my Heart Makes Angels Sing’. Saying that, I’m not really a film maker…maybe just listen.

One of the reasons I like the poem so much is that I relate it to being an artist. Artists should be trying to make the angels sing rather than worrying about likes and shares!

By edboxall

I am a printmaker, illustrator, writer, storyteller and artist-educator based in the coastal town of Hastings, England. I have my own 'Pearbox Press' through which I publish my own richly visual story books and poems.

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