About Me

Looking for some help with homeschooling during the Coranavirus crisis? Check out my daily activities here.

Hello! I’m Ed Boxall. Welcome to my website.

I’m an artist, writer, performer and educator.

I’ve made lots of illustrated books of my poems. One of my favourites is Me and My Alien Friend : Cosmic Poems about Friendship.

Another favourite is Dolphins Keep Me Safe in Dreams : a picture book featuring one magical story-poem.

I really like illustrating for other poets too. I’ve just had loads of fun illustrating Dragons’ Wood and  Walking with my Iguana for Brian Moses.

Dragons Wood cover for Authors Abroad

I also illustrated Moonstruck earlier this year which is a collection of poems all about the moon.

Many of the illustrations in Moonstruck are lino-prints. I love lino-printing because it’s such a practical, ‘hands on’ craft. Here’s a little film of me making a print:

Lots of my prints  show special moments in my family’s life and others show  magical moments of being alone in wild mysterious places:

A selection of my prints are available as cards. I think collecting Greetings Cards is a great way of making an art-collection without spending much money!

One of my favourite things of all is to visit schools and festivals to perform my poems and run workshops. I like to work with all ages and always find it exciting to help people to be creative.

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