Me and My Alien Friend

I’m super busy performing this Summer! Lots of the events are at local libraries as ‘Me and My Alien Friend’ is chosen for UK Libraries’  Summer Reading Challenge. Scroll down for more about Me and My Alien Friend…

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My full length collection of children’s poetry Me and My Alien Friend: Cosmic Poems about Friendship was published by Troika Books in September 2018. I’ve both written and illustrated the collection. 

It is recommended by The Reading Agency for the Summer Reading Challenge in libraries throughout the UK and has been widely praised for its empathy and sensitivity. This is a review from ‘Carousel’, the leading magazine for children’s books in the UK:

Me and My Alien Friend Carousel Review

Here’s the first poem from the book ‘You’re Here’, set to music:

Troika poetry books are lovely productions. They are bigger than most poetry books (165 x 225 mm), printed on strong bright white paper and richly illustrated on every page.

‘Me & My Alien Friend’ contains poems that examine childhood friendship from many different perspectives. It will have great appeal to children and their parents.Brian Moses

You can order the book below for £7:99 with free postage:

The book is all about the the big wide universe of friendship. There’s lots about the every day  ups and downs of childhood friendships but it gets pretty cosmic too! There’s a child who kicks the sun like a football to cheer his friend up; a child who feels a whole forest is his friend; a  friendly dragon who is the colours of the sunset; and a child who builds a tree house in a jungle and makes friends with the animals. There’s a touch of sadness at times- one of my favourites is a poem about a lonely polar bear who is only visible to one child.

In the title poem a child sits on the moon with his 38 toed alien friend, looking at our world from a peaceful distance: observing, thinking, and dreaming…a bit like poets do. The illustrations of the child and his alien-friend recur throughout the book.

There’s also a lot of laughs in the poems. There’s the story of Jimmy The Woodlouse, a poem about a child who is friends with a scab and a poem about getting the giggles at the worst moment possible!

Here’s a few seconds of My Walk To School Friends, a favourite interactive poem at performances:

I’ve made the illustrations just as important as the poems- there are lots of magical full page pictures packed with interesting detail.

It’s a truly cosmic book of poems about some amazing friendships.

Perfect for children aged 6 to 12 but there’s lots that younger children, and grown ups, will enjoy too.

Order the book below for £7:99 with free postage:

“Kids will love this. How well Ed remembers the ups and downs of childhood. A lovely collection.” Roger Stevens

The poem below is one of my favourites from the book…a quiet one. It’s about finding an endless forest inside yourself… ‘I Will Live In A Tree house and Look After The Animals’:

Here’s a musical version of  ‘Fun Run’ from the book:

Fun Run pg 19

…and a performance of ‘Super Hero at My Door’:

Ed Boxall’s poems are accessible, gently emotive, quirky and fun. Add to this his absolutely gorgeous illustrations and what’s not to like? Sue Hardy-Dawson

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