About Me

I am an artist, writer and creative educator living in Hastings, England.

I work in many areas such as printmaking, small scale book publishing, poetry, storytelling, songwriting and education.

If you’re interested in my own artwork please use the menu to explore my little online gallery.

If you’re interested in my educational work please click here

I self publish my visual books as The Pearbox Press. My first  Pearbox books ‘The Storm Tree Stories’ were published in 2006. Books in the series such as The Shell Collector take childhood rural holidays as a starting point but mix dream and reality freely. More recently my writing has focussed on children’s poems. The books are a labour of love; an attempt to make enchanting visual poetry for both adults and children. I love to perform my stories and poems.

I like getting my hands dirty printmaking and make my own handmade prints, using techniques such as woodblocks, lino and mono printing. My  books and prints are available at various galleries and shops in the UK such as The Towner, The De La Warr Pavilion and The Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

I am an experienced Artist-Educator in schools, colleges, galleries and museums. This practice is inseparable from my own artwork- I’m constantly inspired by working with people and the techniques and ideas in my personal work are the basis of my educational practice.


As well as my ‘Pearbox Books’ I  write and illustrate commercial work for children and have had 5 books published by Walker Books. My Favourite of these, ‘Francis The Scaredy Cat’ was read out on the BBC, and got very good reviews. Others include ‘Mr Trim and miss Jumble’ and ‘Scoot on Top of the World’. I illustrate for children in all kinds of contexts; for museums, theatre and magazines. I often write and edit alongside illustrating for collaborative publishing projects such as for my community books.

I completed a degree in printmaking (Hull) and an MA in illustration (St Martins, London).


My songwriting  always flows on alongside my visual work. 

Please get in touch if you would like to know more!

11 Comments on “About Me”

  1. sally mclaughlin Says:

    Dear Ed,
    Over time of visiting people I have noticed your print, think it’s called ‘Far from shore’ in the Conquest hospital in Hastings. I can’t remember if it’s the same as the one on you site now. In the hospital print, I don’t think there’s as many cats but maybe it’s my misperception.I live in Hastings and want to buy the hospital version of the print. Can you let me know whether I can collect one rather than go through the post .
    Sally M

  2. Andria Spencer Says:

    Dear Ed,
    I just finished reading Francis The Scaredy Cat (again) to my daughter. I was (again) almost brought to tears by the tenderness of your story and thought I’d write to tell you. When I save up some money, I’ll buy one of your lovely linos!

  3. tere marichal Says:

    love your work

  4. artsofmay Says:

    Such beautiful work you do. I’m so happy you found my blog, so that I now can see your work.

  5. Victoria Says:

    Admirable work; I like it very much!

  6. TheBigForest Says:

    Thank you for following our blog over at TheBigForest. Absolutely love your work and just started following you too!

  7. Thanks for the follow! There’s a warmth to your artwork that I absolutely love. Viewing it makes me feel like a kid again. 🙂

  8. Hello 🙂 I bought your book “The Shell Collector” simply because of its gentle story and beautiful drawings. Nice to know there is some “old school” talent still around. Your book is very “zen” if I may say so, haha!

  9. Ed Mostly Says:

    Hi Ed, thanks for the follow. I love the analogue approach, am ordering a couple of your books, and look forward to The Rooftop Garden being back in print… Ed

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