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Hi Ed,
Am a nanny (heaven knows how I arrived at 55 so quickly??)of six and more on the way .(all my own fault having produced 6 sons now 23 to 31!)I live in Bexhill in the Old Townand have just (having waited 6 years on the Rother list!)got a beach hut number 29,East Parade ,now renamed ‘The Wendy House ‘. We all love it especially the little ones,but I couldn’t find a book ANYWHERE in Bexhill re the seaside (apart from your The Shell Collector ‘) Love your books and have given them to lots of my friends and families.Any hope of writing a book aimed at 3 to 100!! with pictures of the different shells/stones/wildife on the beach so they could find the real thing on the beach to match maybe?Would be great to have a story based on life in a beach hut we have a great time in it whatever the weather! Lots of scope for imaginative stuff !!Mentioned this gap in the market to the staff at The De La Warr ‘and they said they would contact you maybe.Then found your website myself so thought I would send you an email. Sitting in The Wendy House has even inspired me to write some poetry,should probably write one myself but couldn’t produce the wonderful illustrations that you do!! So hence this could you help email??
Many thanks !!!
Wendy (Hasnip.)

Hi Ed
darn it! just wrote a long message, went away and think it has disappeared. dont remember hitting submit but if i did and this is a repeat, apologies.
Brilliant site. You know i love your work already – but i do require some girls in your life [told your wife at the Electric and she said rather painedly that she was doing her best, which made me laff].
Georgie, my lovely daughter in law, is due to produce my first grandchild – cant compete with Wendy; know her and shall look her up at No 29 – early in May. Hooray hooray. But what if it is a GIRL Ed?! Think your very artistic Sammy and Flynn need a girlfriend!
Hope to see you around soon at college.
All the best and congratulations on a wonderful new site.

Dear Ed,

Thankyou so much for contacting me re your magical book Birdwatching on the island of deep sleep. I am so excited that you may still have a copy- if you find another one, I would love that too! Thankyou for giving my dreaming such beautiful forms x

warmest wishes


Hi Ed,

Just bought another 3 of your books at the DeLa Warr pavillion and took them home to bristol. Showed them to my flatmete who fell totally in love with them! Thank you for producing such gorgeous and inspirational work. I would really like to know how much the red ‘Wake Up’ print is, I work from home two days a week and I think it may help!
Off to write a scheme of Drama work for my Year sevens based on ‘The Birdwatchers’.

Dear Ed,

I am looking to find an children’s illustrator who lives in the south of England and who would be interested in displaying their work for the month of May at The Spring Arts and Heritage Centre in Havant Hampshire.
I think that your illustrations are wonderful and I would like to invite you to display some of your art work in May. Please let me know if you are interested in putting on a exhibition here.

Very best wishes

Joanna White
02392 249061

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