Free Activities:

All the activities below are based on tried and tested things that have worked based on my books. It’s of course lovely if you’d like to buy one of the books that link to the projects!

It’s not  neccessary to buy the books but they will help with inspiration and for this self-employed person to get through the crisis! : )

There’s no special materials needed- but if you like the sound of joining in you’ll need pencils, biros, plain paper, scissors, some kind of paper glue and masking tape.

Fun Run and Rainbows

The Month of May

Sea Voyages:

Island maps


3D Islands

Thursday- Word Dreaming

Sea Voyage Poems

based on Dolphins Keep Me Safe in Dreams and The Shipwrecked Sailor

Letters to My Alien Friend:

Activities based on Me and my Alien Friend:

Making my Alien Friend

A Den for Daisy

who is your super hero?

Interview with an Alien

Alien Sports Day

Hopefully helpful for some people, if not at least good exercise for my brain!

I’ll post links to all the activities on my blog, Facebook and Twitter.