Who is your Super Hero?

Super Hero at my Door is about someone who has the incredible power to make another person happy- a super power we all have!

It’s from my book Me and My Alien Friend.

Today, choose from these super super-hero activities:

Activity 1- Your Super Hero. Turn someone you know into a super hero. This could be your mum, dad, a friend. It could be someone you miss. It could be a nurse or doctor , carer or NHS worker- our super heros at the moment! Draw your super hero and label the drawing with all their super-powers and gadgets.

You can base the hero on the real qualities the person has but exaggerate them. For example, in Super Hero at My Door in real-life Jack kicks the sun like a football! If you like make a short comic strip featuring your super hero!

Activity 2- A letter to my alien friend. Write a letter to your alien friend about the super heros in your life- the person, or people who help to make your life better and rescue you when you’re in trouble.

Remember the rules of writing to your alien friend:

  1. The letter is secret – you don’t have to show it to anyone
  2. Spelling and punctuation doesn’t matter
  3. You can write and draw whatever you want

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