3D Islands

This is a technique that is like paper mache but you don’t need glue and it’s not messy. Making a gluey mess is fantastic, of course…but it’s sometimes nice to have non-messy ways of doing things!

I don’t actually think my example for this is very good! I think you’ll make something much more interesting.

You could of course use this technique to make other things like monsters and animals.

  1. Collect what you’ll need: a cardboard box (old cereal box is great), scrap paper, scissors, masking tape, small bits of junk modelling (like yoghurt pots) and pencils and pens
  2. Cut some cardboard from a cereal box or similar into an island shape. Make it no smaller than about 25cm ish across or it will be too fiddly.
  3. Make shapes of soft things like hills and mountains with scrunched up paper. Stick them down lightly with bits of masking tape.
  4. Make shapes of other things like buildings or steep mountains from bits of small-junk.
  5. Don’t worry, before stage 6 it might look like a right mess!
  6. Cover everything with a smoothed out layer of masking tape- you will use a lot! If you happen to have plain white stickers they work well too.
  7. Using all the awesome stuff you made from Days 1 and 2 cover your 3D island with amazing detail- perhaps some of your monsters live on the island. Perhaps use your patterns from day 1 to show the areas on your island.
I used scrunched up paper for hills…loosely stuck down with masking tape. You can also use small bits of junk like yoghurt pots or little boxes to make mountains or buildings.
Cover everything with a smooth layer of tape
When you draw go with the flow of the surface, shading in hills and hollows.
I made my island into a sleeping giant.

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