Sea Voyage poems!

Today we’re going to write some poems based on imaginary sea voyage journeys. If you’ve been doing my project this week then you can use the things you’ve made as inspiration.

You could also use one of these images of mine if you like:

You could make a little film of the poem over an illustration for the poem. Check with an adult before sharing any films online!

So let’s get started...

Nearly forgot to say…poems do not need to rhyme!!! and it’s harder if you try to make them rhyme.

  1. If you’ve been doing my project spread out all the things you’ve made this week on a table or on the floor.
  2. Make sure you have the collection of words you made yesterday for the ‘word-dreaming’ activity. You can always do this today if you haven’t done it yet 🙂 Remember to use your collection of words in your poem!
  3. Now, write a poem based on any of the things you’ve made using one of the list-poem structures below. I think it’s good to keep your poem to 1 sentence for each line.

My Island is….

My Island is…

My island is…

My island is…

My island is…

2. Island of Days*

On Monday I sailed to the island of…where….

On Tuesday I sailed to the island of…where….


*I particularly like this one…perhaps the things on the islands could be inspired by things that happenned this week…or because we’re at home you can write about where you would have liked to sail to on those days. You can get a bit abstract and think ‘what colour is Monday? and make Monday Island full of things that are that colour etc.

3. I Am..

(write a series of phrases in the voice of one of the monsters you created this week…or make up a monster if you haven’t drawn one yet. It could be your monster is bragging about itself- it can be fun to write big Over-The-Top brags!)

I am..

I am…

I am…

I am…

I am…

3 Island Poem-Story Challenge

This is a more ambitious project…perhaps for older children and adults. This is why I asked you to do 3 islands way back on Monday! You could spend weeks on this if you wanted to.

A story often has 3 ‘acts’:

  • The first act sets the scene, introduces the hero and a problem the hero must face.
  • The second act is where the problem gets worse and the hero attempts to solve the problem in different ways, that might fail or succeed.
  • The third act is where the story is resolved- the hero might find a way to resolve the problem after several failures and return home having learnt something important from solving the problem.

Here’s the challenge- write a story where:

  • Act one is based on onew of your islands
  • Act two is based on another one of your islands
  • Act three is based on another one of your islands

Here’s a really simple example just to get the idea. You would fill the story with interesting detail and exciting language to make it interesting for the reader. The example blow is very basic!

On the island of home I was really happy, until there was a big noise from across the sea that kept everyone awake. (act 1)

I sailed away to find out what the noise was. It was an angry giant on the Island of Trouble. I tried to get him to be quiet by asking him nicely. (act 2)

Asking him nicely didn’t work so I tempted him with sweets so he followed me across the sea to the Island of Sleep where I left him and sailed home. I told everyone back home the story of my travels. (act 3)

You could write the story in verse or prose. Whichever you prefer. I LOVE stories told as poems- like The Owl and The Pussy Cat by Edward Lear, Room on The Broom by Julia Donaldson…or most of my own Pearbox Books like the ones below…

If you’re enjoying exploring the world of sea voyages and mysterious islands please consider buying one of my books below. They will help with inspiration and help this self-employed person get through the current crisis! 🙂 Click on the images below to find out more about the books and perhaps make a purchase!

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