Alien Sports Day

This is my poem Fun Run from Me and my Alien Friend:

I turned it into a song!

Today, choose between these activities…or of course you can do both.

  1. Alien Sports Day. Fun Run is all about a race that takes place at a school on our planet. Imagine the race if it had taken place on a planet far away on the other side of the universe. Perhaps alien children from nearby planets come and compete. Draw a picture of the aliens taking part in the race! You could base it on my illustration for Fun Run if you like
  2. A Special Day ay School. Write a letter to your alien friend all about a day at school you remember well. A day that was important to you. It could be anything from a sports day to being in the school play…or just a particularly good day!

Remember the non-rules of writing to your alien friend:

  1. Your letter can be totally secret if you want
  2. Spelling and punctuation doesn’t matter