A Den for Daisy

This is my poem, Daisy from my book Me and my Alien Friend. It’s a poem about a child who builds a den to share with their cat.

So, today we have activities about dens and other cosy, safe places.

You could do any of the activities below. You could do one or two or all three.

  1. build a den.

You could build a den for yourself.

You could build a den for a toy.

You could build a den for your alien friend (if you made one yesterday).

It could be a small den, a big den, an indoor den, an outdoor den. It’s up to you!

2. Draw your fantasy secret hideaway place. This could be a treehouse…a castle…a secret spaceship. It’s up to you…dream up your secret hideaway.

This is another secret den from Me and My Alien Friend. It’s an illustration for my poem
I Will Live in a Treehouse and Look After the Animals.

3. Write a letter to your secret alien friend about your cosiest place in the world. It might be your bedroom or a cosy space behind the sofa in your living room. It could be your seat in the car. Or, it could be based on one of the dens you’ve made or drawn today. Start by making up a name for your alien friend and then write a letter to them describing everything about your cosy place. describe why you feel so safe there, what you do there…everything. It doesn’t matter about spelling and punctuation and it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. This is a secret letter! You can add drawings and stick pictures into your letter if you want.

You can of course show your letter to the other people in your house if you want to after it’s done… but if you prefer, keep it secret.

The idea of this activity is to write as a way of helping you to enjoy thinking a lot about something without worrying about what anyone else will think.

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