Making My Alien Friend

A musical version of my poem ‘Me and my Alien Friend’.

Today’s activity is really simple: make yourself an alien friend.

You’ll need the alien for activities I’ve planned for Tuesday to Friday.

You could make an alien from raiding the recycling bin for bits and bobs for junk modelling. Join bits together with masking tape, draw on details to make an alien. You get the idea!

Another way to make an alien is to draw one. But let’s do it with a twist…

  1. Everyone in the house get together. Make sure everyone has a pen and piece of paper.
  2. Set a timer for one minute
  3. Start the timer
  4. everyone begin drawing an alien
  5. At the end of the 1 minute everyone swap drawings
  6. Start the timer again…draw on the alien you have in front of you
  7. repeat this process until everyone has added to all the drawings and everyone has the drawing they started with.
  8. In this way you have an alien that is truly alien because it’s not just your ideas!

This is the cover to my book Me and my Alien Friend.

The boy on the cover looks down at the world from far away. He can say whatever he likes to his alien friend because his alien friend is secret and doesn’t know the boy’s friends, family or teachers. Writing a diary, poem or story can be like sitting on the moon and talking to an alien friend . You can look back at the world from a safe distance and say whatever you want.