This new series of prints are perfect pictures for kids bedrooms. They are signed and editioned digital prints, and  fit standard 40cm x 30cm frames.

They cost £15 each.  This is considerably less expensive than my handmade prints of similar size as they are  digital, rather than handmade. They are however produced using the top quality giclee process by Martel Colour Print in Hastings, so look great and should last forever. I will send out these prints within 7 days,  by first class post. Please go to online buyers info page for information about delivery, postage etc.


Dolphins guide you in dreams

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Nanny and Grandad like Flying

Nanny and Grandad like Flying

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Treetop Nursery Rhymes


Snow Days End

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The Faraway Forest of Deep Sleep

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6 Comments on “Bedtime”

  1. edboxall Says:

    Very good

    by Sammy Boxall

  2. Michael and Michaela Says:

    Hi Ed. Nice to speak to you the other day. we bought “snow day’s end” and “nanny and grandad are flying” from your exhibition at The Eat cafe in Hastings. Michaela bought them for herself although our 2 year old daughter loves coming into Mummy and Daddy’s bedroom to see them and talk about what she can see in them. It is wonderfull to see how they stimulate her imagination and she tells us stories about what is happening in them! i suppose we will have to put them up in her and her brother’s room sometime! Thanks again and best wishes.

  3. Maddie Joyce Says:

    Hello Ed. Your work is so magical and inspiring. It makes me feel warm inside. I came across your work in the De La War Pavillion shop in Bexhil and bought the Ship wrecked sailor book. As an aspiring, student illustrator myself I am constantly looking for magical and beautiful things to fill my mind with and you work does exactly that. Thank you for sharing it with everyone. Merry christmas and keep creating pretty things.

  4. Jane Weatherby Says:

    Hi Ed

    The prints Nanny and Grandad like flying, and Dolphins Guide you in Sleep arrived through the post today. Thanks so much. They are beautiful.

    Dolphins is a gift for our grandson who is two in a couple of weeks, and his soon to arrive sibling, and I know it will inspire lots of bedtime stories and sweet dreams for years to come.

    Nanny and Grandad are going on the wall of our bedroom for now (Nannies and Grandads like your work too!) but one day in the future it may make an appearance on another new arrival’s bedroom wall.

    Thanks too for the little extras- they brought a smile to my face.

  5. Mitzi Marie Reyes Says:

    Hi Ed! It’s the first time i saw your illustrations and I am so inspired by your artworks. They are so magical, whumsical and poetic! They really touch your heart! I also want to be an illustrator like you. Can you please give me some tips on how you do your illustrations. How do you choose your subject matter?

  6. Hi Ed – your bedtime prints are adorable, capturing the imagination and magic of childhood. Great work.

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