Dolphins Keep Me Safe : Performance

I perform my poem-story ‘Dolphins Keep Me Safe in Dreams’ along with other poems, stories, songs and interactive activities to create a 40 minute show that can be adapted for various age groups and themes.

The show begins with  my  performance of ‘Dolphins’. In the story, three friendly dolphins rescue a little girl from her nightmares and take her sailing across the sea on her own ‘barrel boat’. The cat comes too, providing some homely humour on the epic night time voyage. I perform with lo-tech  projections that  resemble a Victorian magic lantern show. I accompany the images with a unique  soundtrack of music and sound effects.  In a quiet cosy atmosphere the audience experience a wistful sense of faraway as we travel to distant islands on a secret sea.

The film below gives a sense of the performance. It begins with goblins whispering and gossiping to the little girl as she lies in bed. After one minute a dreamy melody comes in and we’re transported across the sea with the dolphins.


The show continues with  songs, short poems, stories and some friendly opportunities for the audience to be creative without moving from their seats.

My choice of material depends  on the age group and interests of the audience.

‘Dolphins Keep Me Safe’ is partly about how I felt when I was about 10 years old: about difficult growing-up feelings. I sometimes develop this theme with older children by performing this poem ‘Scootering in The Hospital’. I like how this changes the mood- the ‘scootering’ section in the middle can be very animated!

I develop the theme by performing this song ‘Knock On The Door’ about asking for help when you’re worried:

sample 1

Here’s some comments from previous performances:

” Beautifully, wonderfully, inspiringly tingle-making. An entirely enchanting and captivating experience that children and adults love” (from a mixed age drop-in session in a children’s bookshop)

“Inspirational stuff! The projections work so well for interacting with viewers. The coming in and out of focus adds tremendous excitement. Lovely drawings combined with magical stories”  (from a mixed age drop-in session in a children’s bookshop)

“Such fun and imaginative ideas. Will take the ideas home to develop further. Just long enough session!” (from a pre-school session at The De La Warr Pavilion)

dolphin 10

“Ed is really good at atmospheric pauses and getting the mood just so through his voice” (from a mixed age drop-in session in a children’s bookshop)

” Absolutly wonderful, best storytelling I’ve been to” (from a pre-school session at The De La Warr Pavillion)

” A true and honest faithfullness to the beauty of nature and the imagination. Your drawings are enhanced by the movement and light” ( From a performance at The Electric Palace Cinema)

Please fill in the form below if you know of a venue where I could perform or have any queries.




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