Community Publishing

I have written and illustrated several publications with the local community. I enjoy these projects very much and I’m always keen to do more. Please get in touch if you have an idea that you feel I can help with.

This is a a selection of my favourites:

Your School Needs You

original artwork from \'Your School Needs You\'

This book was made for all school starters in Hastings and St Leonards. It is given away to all schools in the area, for every child who starts school in September. It was first published in 2004 and was  re-printed for many years.

The book contains a poem I wrote based on consultation with teachers, children, parents, play workers and  school nurses on common concerns about starting school. I illustrated it and developed a fold-out design that has proved very popular. It was a partnership project involving input from The Ore Valley Forum, Sure Start, and the Education Action Zone.

original artwork from \'Your School Needs You\'

 The Green Footpath

 The Green Footpath

 The Green Footpath is a large fold-out poster for children, offering loads of ideas for protecting the environment.

A Line Can Take You Anywhere

Cover for \'A Line Can Take You Anywhere\'

This book was made for the first ‘Big Draw’ event I organised in 2005, for the De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill.It is a book of  creative drawing activities for everyone. It was an attempt to really explore the profound joy of drawing while at the same time being fun and accessible to all. It is available exclusivly from The De La Warr, where it is a best seller!

Smudge’s Activity Alphabet

This kid’s activity book is all about getting out of doors and exploring green areas.

cover of \'Smudges Activity Alphabet\'

It was originally made for Hastings Borough Council ‘Play in the Park’ events, where I led workshops with children completing the books.

One Comment on “Community Publishing”

  1. Susan Jenner Says:

    Dear Ed Boxall,

    Congratulations for doing such innovative children’s illustrations and booklets – we have your starting at school pamphlet and also messy play ideas (with some exttraordinarily creative doodles etc) which was given out at a Playday in the Park several years ago!

    I would like to get hold of any copies/booklets you have still in print – to share with my 8 and 4 year-old, and with other parents. I currently do volunteer work with Hastings Children’s Centre, Homestart (providing support for parents with children under 5), and also for Activ8/Hastings Mind & Rother. It would be a wonderful if you were able to help in some way with one of these charities.

    Hope your family are well. I gather you’ve been into the new bookshop in the Old Town (it’s a really fab place for children and grown-ups!)

    Best Wishes.

    Susan Jenner

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