Young People and Adults

I completed a PGCE in teaching in Post Compulsory Education in 2006 and love teaching young people and adults.

I teach on the Fda degree in Illustration at Sussex Coast College in Hastings.  I think I’m a very positive tutor and I’m very skilled at helping students find the way forward in their work.

I  run creative training workshops for adults. These workshops offer adults a safe space for the creative flow and experiment that we often miss out on.  These workshops have taken place at Hastings Museum, the De La Warr Pavilion and through Creative Partnerships.

I also teach adults in a leisure setting. I recently ran a series of popular printmaking classes at The Bridge Community Centre and a Printmaking course using the antique ‘Stanhope Press’ at Hastings Museum. The images below are taken from student work from this workshop:

Education 2

Educational 1

Education 3

Education 4


A Testimonial from Clare Ball, Learning Resource Centre Manager at Eltham Hill Secondary School:


“We asked Ed to come into the school as part of our World Book Day celebrations. He worked with two groups and they created their own children’s short stories after being inspired by some of Eds illustrations and books.” This was something very new to the Year 7 and 8 students but they were thoroughly involved by the end of the sessions and ran over with the time as they had so much they still wanted to edit and improve on. One short story ended up being a song/poem due to the nature of its verse and the students, with Eds help composed background music on the Apple Mac. One student in particular captured the classic repetition used in so many children’s books, It was brilliant. She is usually so shy and quiet but really came out of herself, it was great to see. She conveyed her story to the group with real emotion; her partner’s illustrations were perfectly drawn to capture certain key parts of the story. The whole day was a real treat. A pleasant change from the usual curriculum and I believe the students all gained a lot from their creative writing sessions.”


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