Ferry Through Space

” A silver light travels across far galaxies…

Space Ferry 4

Space Ferry 6

It arrives in out little solar system and approaches a beautiful green and blue planet…

Space ferry 7


A small silver spaceship lands in your playground and in a blaze of silver light, the doors open and out step tiny furry aliens. They’ve traveled across the universe on their ‘space ferry’ on a school field trip to learn about the earth. “


Space Ferry 2

The audience at the performance create adventures for those tiny alien children as they visit and learn about the earth.

This child thought the aliens should meet her cat:

Smudgie and cat

….or perhaps they play on the groynes down on the beach:

Smudgie small 2

…strolling around town…

Smudgie small Smudgie 1

Having a snooze:

Smudgie 4

This performance mixes projections, large mixed media pictures, action-songs, instrumental music and a practical workshop in which the children make their own adventures for the aliens.

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