Gallery and Museum Education

I regularly run educational projects at Towner in Eastbourne, The De La Warr Pavilion, The Jerwood Gallery in Hastings and Hastings Museum and Art Gallery.

I  use exhibitions as a treasure-trove of starting points for educational projects and love to dream up ideas in response to artwork. I work hard at developing activities that genuinely help understanding of specific artwork . At the same time activities must be challenging, enjoyable, achievable and end with a lovely piece. My enthusiasm for my own learning is at the core of the projects: gallery projects enable me to spend sustained time with exhibitions, collaboratively learning with participants.

It’s all about the happiness of shared creative flow: I love it!

Testimonials about my educational work are available here.

Here’s a few examples of projects from galleries:

BBC ‘Your Paintings’ Enchanted Forest

Giraffe in the Silver Woods

Lots of children, parents, Towner staff, volunteers and I made this  as part of the BBC ‘Your Paintings’ Project.
It was made in response to the murky and mysterious Christopher Le Brun painting ‘February 1982’  on show at Towner in Eastbourne. Le Brun made  the painting through intuitively working from a random mark. In a similar way children began from a randomly shaped and painted piece of cardboard and worked with what the shapes suggested to them.
Magic Horn

Obsession and Repetition Project at Towner

This was an installation made by pupils from West Rise School at Towner in Eastbourne.  It was  part of a fabulous exhibition of artwork from various schools in Eastbourne. I was artist in residence at West Rise and made tiny sculptures with the children inspired by a sculpture exhibition based on artists who use obsessive repetiton in their sculpture.  We back-lit their little ‘beings’ and turned them into shadow pieces.

I love this work- full of wonderful little details entirely made by the children.

Sense of place 2

The ‘Ideas Bank’ Residency at The De La Warr Pavilion.

I made a temporary wall drawing all about drawing in gallery 2. The drawing explored how drawing is about investigation, experimentation and communication. There were many  activities for visitors to enjoy- drawings were added to the murals and displayed in a huge book on a lectern in the middle of the room.

Drawing as ideas and fleeting thought…

Drawing as communication…

Drawing as freedom…

People of all ages  were calmy involved in daydreaming with line, sharing, and playing.

They created their own exhibition that evolved as the summer went on.

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