Farms and Camping

WAKE UP 2014

Wake Up! Lino print, 21 x 30 cm, £50

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Traveler, hand coloured lino print, 21 x 30cm, £80


lazy farm cat

Lazy Farm Cat, lino print 15 x 21 cm, £40


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The Pea Eaters

The Pea Eaters, Hand coloured Linoprint £50

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Reading By Tentlight

Reading By Tentlight, hand coloured lino print £60

Although this is a small print, the price reflects the extensive hand-colouring. My son loves Peter Pan at the moment and we read it about 50 times when we went camping, usually just like this, curled up in the torchlight.Hand coloured Lino print.

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The Very Early Morning, linoprint, 30 x 21 cm £65

This image is the camping trips of my own childhood crystallised into one picture. The dew is fresh, the wood is silent and I am the only person in the world to witness this miraculous moment. Just for a moment the unseen world of the wild, wild wood overlaps with my world.





2 Comments on “Farms and Camping”

  1. Becky Smith Says:

    Ah, brilliant! Makes me want to pack the boys into the car and head for the woods straight away!

  2. Great prints Ed. Well done.

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