Camping and Countryside

Handmade lino prints based on our camping trips in the British countryside.


Traveller, hand coloured lino print, 21 x 30cm, £80

Night Sounds, £110. 56 x 38 cm

The Tree on the Edge of the Campsite, £110, 56 x 38 cm

Into The Undergrowth, £110. Large Print- 56 x 38 cm

lazy farm cat

Lazy Farm Cat, lino print 15 x 21 cm, £40

Reading By Tentlight

Reading by Torchlight, extensively hand coloured lino print 15 x 11 cm £60


The Very Early Morning, linoprint, 30 x 21 cm, £80

2 replies on “Camping and Countryside”

Ah, brilliant! Makes me want to pack the boys into the car and head for the woods straight away!

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