Hastings Beach Prints

These original lino prints portray my dream rock pools on a heady Summer day with the wind chasing the clouds. The prints are hand printed 2 block lino prints, with touches of water colour. I love ‘Vapour Trails because my 6 year old son Flynn made those vapour trails- his first go at lino printing and there were no injuries!
Summer Wind, Island's Edge

Summer Wind, Island’s Edge. 12.5 x 15cm. £45

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Summer Wind mermaids Song

Summer Wind, Mermaid’s Song. 12.5 x 15cm. £45

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Summer Wind Vapour Trails

Summer Wind, Vapour Trails. 12.5 x 15cm. £45

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Summer Wind Blenny's Pool (2)

Summer Wind, Blenny’s Pool. 12.5 x 15 cm £45
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At The Beach, Rock a Nore £100

3 Comments on “Hastings Beach Prints”

  1. Sarah Wenban Says:

    These are really beautiful Ed … I love them!
    Hope you are well.
    Sarah x

  2. I grew up on New Jersey on the shore am touched by a lot of these pieces. Takes me back!

  3. Melanie Newman Says:

    Dear Ed, Thankyou for the exquisite prints. They are going to ‘good’ homes; one of them being mine!!
    Happy happy Christmas to you and your family, love Melaniex

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