Moonstruck Prints

The original lino prints for the illustrations to Moonstruck were a labour of love to create. I think they’re some of my best work. They are all approximately 30 cm x 21 cm and are printed on high quality ‘imitation Japanese paper’ and then glued onto heavyweight fabriano printing paper. This process gets every subtlety on the block. There’s also very few prints that go wrong, so very little waste. Therefore these prints are a bit cheaper than my prints this size are usually.  For more about the process of doing the illustrations please take a read of the blog post I wrote on publication.

The Cat and the moon PRINT

Illustration for ‘The Cat and the Moon’ by WB Yeats, £80

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THE Crescent moon PRINT

Illustration for ‘The Crescent Moon’ by Amy Lowell, £80

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Cold Moon PRINT

Illustration for ‘Moontime’ by Rachel Rooney, £80

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FOX print

Illustration for ‘The Moon and The Frost’ by John Rice, £80

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Hare print

Illustration for ‘Three Short Moon Poems’ by Roger Stevens, £80

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I Wish print

Illustration for ‘The Wish’ by Andrea Shavick, £80

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Moonstruck print

Illustration for ‘Moonstruck  by Roger Stevens, £80

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