Seaside Prints

my mermaid sings at night print

My Mermaid Sings at Night 21 x 30 cm £85buy now

Little Boat

Little Boat. Lino print. 20x 23 cm. £70buy now

First On The Windy Beach

First on the Windy Beach. 12.5 x 15cm. £45buy now button

Quiet Sea 2

‘Quiet Sea’ 56 x 38 cm £110

Far From Shore

Far From Shore. Mixed Media Relief Print. 20 x 23 cm.£65

buy now


Back From The Beach- Fish and chips are ready! 54 x34 cm £100

Secret Place

Secret Place, Woodblock printed on coloured handmade paper. 21 x 30 cm £80

buy now


Drifting Far From Shore done

Drifting Far From Shore 56 x 38 cm £110

2 Comments on “Seaside Prints”

  1. sharyn smith Says:

    Hi Ed, we have just bought 3 of your prints from Castor and Pollux gallery in Brighton. I love the whimsical, childishness of your images and am charmed by the sheer joy and warmth of your depiction of parenthood.

    Thank-you Sharyn

  2. laura wright Says:

    Hi Ed

    Saw the Art and Soul at Falmer, Bought the Rooftop Garden book. really lovely. Saw some of your prints in Castor and Pollux the other day.
    Nice work X

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