High In The Old Oak Tree TICKETS

“High in The Old Oak Tree” 3:30pm Sunday 7th May at Electric Palace, Hastings.

Stories and songs inspired by Celtic folk tales, with Ed Boxall and Tim Hoyte.

First 20 tickets will receive a free copy of the ‘High in The Old Oak Tree’ book!

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Ed and Tim Ticket

Local artist, writer and performer Ed Boxall has long been inspired by celtic myths- stories where otherworlds are hidden inside hills, across the sea or in the leaves of old trees.

Ed will be performing a selection of his stories, along with excerpts from the myths themselves. The show will include projections of his illustrations, spoken word, song and music.

He will perform his new book with projections for the first time- High in The Old Oak Tree, with a brand new live soundtrack by Tim.

Ed will be joined by multi instrumentalist Tim Hoyte who has composed unique music with Ed to accompany the performances.

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