I perform in schools, galleries, arts centres, festivals and theatres. Recent highlights have been ‘Imagine’  at The Southbank Centre, and ‘Lost Magic’ with Brian Moses at The Stables Theatre.

I include loud, joyful interactive songs, poems and stories alongside quiet, reflective pieces. I use giant books, projections, props and lots of music.

I’ve set my poem ‘Glitter’ to music below. It’s a favourite at my performances.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Slideshow of photos by Chris Broughton from storytelling event at Hastings Pier.

The film below gives a sense of the quiet, cosy side of my performance work. My performance of ‘Dolphins Keep Me Safe in Dreams’ begins with goblins whispering and gossiping to a little girl as she lies in bed. After one minute a dreamy melody comes in and we’re transported across the sea with the dolphins.

My choice of material depends  on the age group and interests of the audience.

Here’s my poem ‘Scootering in Hospital’ performed with bluesy guitar!

This song ‘Knock On The Door’ is about asking for help when you’re worried:

sample 1

Audience Feedback:

” Beautifully, wonderfully, inspiringly tingle-making. An entirely enchanting and captivating experience that children and adults love” (from a mixed age drop-in session in a children’s bookshop)

“Inspirational stuff! The projections work so well for interacting with viewers. The coming in and out of focus adds tremendous excitement. Lovely drawings combined with magical stories”  (from a mixed age drop-in session in a children’s bookshop)

“Such fun and imaginative ideas. Will take the ideas home to develop further. Just long enough session!” (from a pre-school session at The De La Warr Pavilion)

I often perform this song  when I perform poems from ‘Look At Him Go’ as it’s also about growing up:

“Ed is really good at atmospheric pauses and getting the mood just so through his voice” (from a mixed age drop-in session in a children’s bookshop)

” Absolutly wonderful, best storytelling I’ve been to” (from a pre-school session at The De La Warr Pavillion)

” A true and honest faithfullness to the beauty of nature and the imagination. Your drawings are enhanced by the movement and light” ( From a performance at The Electric Palace Cinema)

Please fill in the form below if you know of a venue where I could perform or have any queries.








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