Educational Projects

I love running writing and art activities in schools, art centres and at festivals. I usually introduce projects with a performance and include opprtunities for participants to perform or display their work.

A little activity I filmed during the lockdown following a performance I did of an Indian folktale.

I work a lot in Primary Schools with year 1 to year 6, often through Authors Abroad. These sessions are often linked to my recent books such as Me and My Alien Friend. There’s is always a big emphasis on developing skills through the joy of experiencing creative flow in all my sessions. It’s all about happiness!

I also love running sessions in nurseries and reception, creating playful environments based on my poems and art work.  I understand well how important it is to include lots of big making, play, music, and movement for this age group.

I run special events in art centres, galleries, for charities and the local council. Highlights have been working on ‘Pearls of The Sea’ at The Jerwood Gallery and running The Big Draw several times at The De La War Pavilion.

I often run activities at Hastings Museum. This lockdown activity for the museum is based on the Durbar Hall at the museum.

Please fill in the form at the bottom of this page if you are interested in working with me and would like to know more.

pg 11 done
This is a favourite group poem written by a small group of year 2 children during an informal lunchtime creative group. The children loved to perform the poem for fun during the sessions.

Comments from teachers and participants who have been involved in my projects:

“We asked Ed to come into the school as part of our World Book Day celebrations. He worked with two groups and they created their own children’s short stories after being inspired by some of Ed’s illustrations and books. This was something very new to the Year 7 and 8 students but they were thoroughly involved. One student in particular captured the classic repetition used in so many children’s books, It was brilliant. She is usually so shy and quiet but really came out of herself, it was great to see. She conveyed her story to the group with real emotion; her partner’s illustrations were perfectly drawn to capture certain key parts of the story. I believe the students all gained a lot from their creative writing sessions.” Clare Ball, Learning Resource Centre Manager at Eltham Hill School

“We really enjoyed both the show and the workshop, especially the cutting and sticking and all the inspiration!” Robyn, age 6

“We commissioned Ed to come into our school to work with our children from Reception to year 6. He came well prepared with tried and tested ideas that were new to us. All the teachers came away feeling each session was really worthwhile, enjoyable and had inspired them for future art and literacy activities. The children were well organised and enjoyed both his stories and the art activities that went with them. Ed was a pleasure to work with, efficient in making the arrangements prior to coming into my school and while working with us. I have no hesitation in recommending him to any other school (unless it’s on he week we want to use him!!)” Penny Thompson, Headteacher Glebefields Primary

“Ed Boxall has been Artist in Residence at West Rise Junior School for over four years. Ed has worked with a wide range of children, from Years 3 through to 6, on a variety of creative projects. He has led “Room 13″ choir at the school, which has comprised of children who have chosen to collaborate with Ed on music composition, songwriting and performance. Ed has also produced a musical with the children and performed it at the neighbouring Infant school and at a public festival at West Rise junior school. All of Ed’s projects have been inspirational and of a very high quality. I would strongly recommend Ed for any position involving education” Mike Fairclough, Headteacher West Rise Junior School

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