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Alien cover white text
Me and My Alien Friend
Dragons’ Wood
Outer cover detail
Dolphins Keep Me Safe in Dreams
Moonstruck Cover for Authors Abroad
The Rooftop Garden
The Shipwrecked Sailor
The World’s Greatest Space Cadet
The Waggiest Tails
Iguana front cover
Walking with my Iguana
High in the Old Oak Tree

Some kind comments from readers…

“The story so touched me as sometimes I feel we all need that fantasy world to go to to get us through our everyday life full of complexities and decision making” Zoe, who enjoyed reading ‘The Rooftop Garden’ with her daughter.

“Your stories have a wonderful earthy quality, a gentleness and an almost spiritual sense of connection between people and places and the natural world” (Katriona Chapman, Children’s Illustrator)

“(the work) pirourettes through the innocence and optimism of the child’s imagination” (Hastings Observer)

“The books are very personal, dreamy and poetic, opening up a world we can’t see” Penny Dann, Illustrator, writing for Brighton Illustrators Group.

10 replies on “Books”

Dear Ed
Thank you for the invite to the Brighton Art Fair on 23rd Sept. Unfortunately we have a big art event at Bournemouth that same weekend that I have already bought tickets for. Sorry I wont make it.
I love the images and books you make. I wont be able to select any for the ArtSway Craft Shop at the moment as we are going through an organisational review this Autumn to find new funding. I will keep your details on file for future reference.
kind regards

Hi Nathalie,
Thanks for getting in touch. Yes, I’d be very intererested. Please tell me more!

All the best,

Ed, I saw your illustrated story books in the bookshop at the De La Warr Pavilion last Friday – just wanted to say they are beautiful!!! Keep up the good work!

Dear Ed
Have just ordered £28’s worth of your small greetings cards via PayPal. However, since around 2008 I have been trying to buy your Uncle Norbert and Arthur cards (size 9 inches by 6 and a half inches) and other designs in that size but have never been successful. Is it possible you will reprint this series? I would be willing to buy at least 6 of each card? Plse let me know! Am very keen and love your work! Big THANKS, from Linda.

Hi Ed,

I met you at the Candid Arts Fair last Friday, the little girl named Dixie Boxall who I bought the book for, loved her book. Its great.

Would like to send you a pic of her with book.

Nice meeting you



Hi Ed, I saw your art and storybooks at the Claremont in Brighton last weekend. They were amazing and magic, just like being a child should be. I will go back and buy some and if I don’t make it, I will come back here and do that. Lovely, lovely work.

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