Bee Fever

‘Bee Fever’ is the beautiful collection of poems by my friend Angie Biltcliffe who passed away earlier this year.

Angie wrote most of  these poems while she stayed in a caravan at a wild, overgrown friend’s garden at Winchelsea Beach while recovering from an earlier illness two years ago.  They explore her feelings about life, death and bee keeping in beautiful and direct language, drawing on imagery from the nature of Winchelsea Beach.

Winnie Beach

 Wading waist high

 through the waves               

  I’m in with it

  in with the birds

  sky larking

  the rabbits in love.

 It is the hottest day

of this sweet summer

and I am  the sun

In this ocean                                                                                                                                                                     

 this spit of  water

A honey bee drowns

I watch her colours bleed

 to be my grandma’s embroidery

  for her boy Tom,

  a life on the wing.

 The honeybee screams

 “I am afraid!”

 I reach in

 lift her finished body to my lips

 and blow her away

I am alive

 I am alive

 I am still alive.

Angie also wrote a haunting story ‘Breast Pockets’ that is available with ‘Bee Fever’.

Bee Fever and Breast Pockets together cost £7 + 75p postage and packing

 Angie’s friend Claire Richardson took a stunning photograph of one of Angie’s bee hives for the cover. I’ve illustrated and designed the book.  My wife Rachel Pearson did the layout. Angie’s friends at The Electric Palace cinema dealt with the fundraising and many of her friends contributed to printing costs. It was a real team effort as these fantastic poems deserve to be published. The book was printed a month before she died- Angie was delighted with it.

After printing costs are covered (We’re very close already) all proceeds will be donated to charities of Angie’s choice.

9 Comments on “Bee Fever”

  1. […] birds to bees. In the gloom of the misty day, someone has brought some sunshine to  the wall of Angie and Len’s house. She’d have appreciated […]

  2. Dear Ed

    Thank you so much for sending the two copies of Angie’s “Bee Fever”.
    Do you have anything else by her – e.g. copies of her paintings, etc?

    Best wishes


    • edboxall Says:

      Dear Beryl,

      i’m so sorry to take so long to get back to you…I somehow missed your comment.

      I don’t have anything else by Angie but there’s to be an exhibition celebrating Angie and Len’s work, at Hastings Museum from the 20th July. Be great if you could make it.

      Many thanks,

  3. Sue Hatherell Says:

    I have just got back from the Moving Images Exhibition at the DeLa Warr Pavilion where I saw Rebecca Marshall’s moving film called “Bee Fever” about Angie Biltcliffe. A wonderful, beautiful film about a wonderful, beautiful woman. I hope she is now with her bees, peaceful and in no pain. I have just ordered a copy of the above book.

    • edboxall Says:

      Thanks so much, and what a lovely thought. There should have been copies on sale at the De la Warr. perhaps they’ve already sold out. will get the book in the post in the next couple of days. X ed

  4. Sandy wooldridge Says:

    I wonder if you could tell me
    Is this angle who may have studied art many moons ago in Hereford. Idling away time wondering the whereabouts of friends gone by
    Thanks for your help

  5. Daien Says:

    Aloha Ed,

    I’m a friend of Angie’s through the Sacred Trust. She sent a copy of Bee Fever and Breast Pockets to us for our last meeting together, as she couldn’t be there. They’re both stunningly beautiful.

    I’m sorry it’s taken me this long to order, but I just sent my payment in through PayPal. However, I’m located in the States, so I’m certain I’ll owe you more postage. If you get back to me with an amount, I’ll send you another payment.

    She’s very missed. xxxx


  6. […] Fever, a collection of poetry by Angie Biltcliffe can be seen here. LikeBe the first to like this […]

  7. Tammie Says:

    i went to buy these books, but the postage is in pounds. I am guessing you charge more for the USA?

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