Dolphins Keep Me Safe in Dreams


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My picture-book-poem ‘Dolphins Keep Me Safe in Dreams’ has been re-designed and re-printed!

It now has a colour wraparound cover and the black-and-white illustrations have been improved with rich detail.

2020 cover for web

I had a lot of fun going back to the art work and adding a fold out cover and improving the illustrations. Now readers are taken on an even more magical journey with the three friendly dolphins , little girl and cat. The book is a richly illustrated bedtime journey across a dream-ocean to the islands of Dinkerdire, Toonaneen and far beyond. I think it’s about as dreamy, enchanted and magical as you can get! This book has proved really popular with readers of all ages (grown-ups as well as children) and I’m very proud of it.


The Junkyard Isle of Dritch

Every night I sail away,

To islands on my secret sea,

Faraway and home by dawn,

Dolphins Keep Me Safe in Dreams.

Dolphins Keep Me Safe in Dreams can be purchased below:

36 pages, fully illustrated throughout. 16 x 22 cm, £6


Here’s a review by Elaine Chant in ‘Carousel’, The Guide for Children’s Books:

dolphins carousel review

…and some comments from readers:

“The book is wonderful. It made me cry (in a good way).” (from a grown-up reader)

“Such a tender lullaby, which set us both at peace” (from a mum reading with her daughter)

“It’s a book for all ages, as children are not the only ones who can lie awake with wide-open eyes, imagining things that make them too scared to sleep” (from Hastings Online Times)

This is a performance of the whole story I did with projections a few years ago.

4 replies on “Dolphins Keep Me Safe in Dreams”

Is there a version of this lovely book for boys please? I bought this book for my grandson but when I opened the packet and found it was about a girl I didn’t think it would resonate with him. Do you have the same book with a boy as the character? Thank you, Susan

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