Francis The Scaredy Cat

‘Francis The Scaredy Cat’ was published by Walker Books in 2002 and was the start of my journey in writing and illustrating. Sadly out of print but still available on Amazon!

I’m really proud of this book, it’s been so well loved by children over the years and had great reviews.


This is a 5 star review from an Amazon buyer:

“This is my granddaughter’s favourite book. She already has a paperback copy but the other evening, when I was reading it to her, she said that when she is grown up and has children she would like to read it to them. “I will think of you, Nana”, she said. Well, that brought a tear to a glass eye I can tell you – until I thought about the implication………she obviously doesn’t think I will be around then! OK, maybe I won’t be, but I am sure the rag-eared copy of the book she has now won’t be either – hence the requirement for the hard-backed copy.
This is a wonderful book about a cat who likes to read poetry and hunt carrots. He has a friend called Ben who has a voice, ‘as familiar as pillows and pyjamas’. However, Frances also has a secret……he is a scaredy cat; he is frightened of the hissy monster he hears in the tree on dark, stormy nights. This is a book for all ages, my granddaughter is 9, and I love it too (I’m slightly older than 9). The story is sweet and the repetition of some of the phrases has a strong impact. We both know the words off by heart – so no need for the book at bedtime – but the illustrations are lovely as well. Altogether a fantastic little book that is sure to please. “

I love this reading from Fox Creek Municipal Library:

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