High in The Old Oak Tree

My book ‘High in The Old Oak Tree’ is an illustrated picture-book-poem all about a boy who climbs way up to the top of a huge, very old oak tree.

The book  book shows what an ancient old oak tree is really like if you take the time to discover its secrets. Wolves hide deep in its branches and there’s a vast  sea of tears sigh under its roots.

It’s for everyone- both adults and children. It’s  for anyone who likes to take a moment or two out of the busyness of life to go on some big daydreams.

The book measures 15 x 21 cm and has 32 fully illustrated pages and a hand printed silver moon on the cover.  It costs £6. To purchase click below:Buy

Some more images from the book:





The poem has  strong rhythm, rhyme, and repetition  that can be happily turned into actions with children.

Quite a few schools have used my poems like this.

Here’s an extract:

“In the dancing shade of the high oak tree
I climbed through the afternoon,
I made my bed in its strong arms
Beneath the silver moon.

Bright distant silver moon.

I woke with the sun in the bright oak tree,
To see drifting clouds below,
I walked I sang I banged my stick,
And forgot to go home.

Happy on my own.”








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