If a Water Buffalo Could Sing

In the middle of suburban Eastbourne a windswept lonely marsh continues its quiet, timeless existence,  by cars, houses, shops, factories, and all the rush of modern  life. Owls hunt, swans sing, water buffalo roam and an ancient bronze age settlement lays hidden beneath the whispering reeds.

This collection of poetry and images bring the marsh to life creating a vivid sense of a very particular place.

The poems were mostly written in workshops at the marsh by children from West Rise Junior School, where I am Artist in Residence at Room 13.

If a Water Buffalo Could Sing

If a water buffalo could sing

its voice would sound deeply dark and dull

Glooming, gusty and graceful

Its volume would bellow

The Sound would echo

And runaway

To the ponds

Across the land

Past redd warblers

Owls ducks and swans

It would swish through the reeds

Make ripples on the water

it would cross the roads

Until its voice would be drowned out by

Cars, helicopters, planes

And all the noise of mankind.

If a Water Buffalo could Sing costs #5 + 50p postage. All proceeds go to West Rise School and Room 13:

This has been one of the happiest projects I’ve ever worked on. I feel we’ve come up with incredibly evocative language and ideas through wonderfully relaxed collaboration.  Children responded to each others ideas creating poetry  that often becomes a poignant metaphor for their lives.

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