Look At Him Go

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In this collection of poems you’ll find glittering galaxies and dragon ships, a fairy craftsman
and a hermit who sings an impossible song.

The poems are full of magic and dreams but they are all about something you’re probably doing right now: growing up.

It’s a small collection of eight poems illustrated throughout with my drawings. I like small collections of poems because you can read them in one sitting and remember what each poem is about. There are short poems, long poems, poems that travel along a straight rhyming road and poems that wander down meandering rhyme-free paths through the countryside.  I hope you’ll go back to the poems again and again, like a favourite CD. I know these poems are good to perform because I’ve been performing most of them in schools for the past few years.

It’s 24 pages, A6 size and costs £3 (no postage):


Here’s one of my favourites from the collection:

Reading The Dawn Treader

Last night as I read
to my son,
he held light in his face,
like branches hold the sun
on a spring evening.

It is the light from the last sea
at the end of the world,
where, on an island of low hills,
a hermit sang an impossible song.

Together, we tried to hear.

Today he has been shouting
and has left a storm
of banging doors behind him.

At bedtime we had a
serious talk about his behaviour.

In the middle of the night,
he crept downstairs
and pretended he was ill.

As I put him back to bed,
his penguin waved at me,

I know we’ll be alright,
because we’ve sailed together,
on a bright dragon ship,
called The Dawn Treader,

and shared the still,
silent light,
at the end of the world.

Dawn Treader



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