The Rooftop Garden

Far from here there is a castle that is as big as a city. In that castle there lives a prince who doesn’t want to be a prince. 

So, when everyone else is asleep he climbs dusty and forgotten stairways to the rooftops…where every night a garden grows.

This book was first published in 2010 and has been unavailable for a long time. I’ve now improved on the original book by working on the illustrations and text.  I’ve also created several completely new illustrations that let the reader explore the garden further and get to know the prince better. The prince’s friends now have names and personalities and the garden is bigger and wilder.

The story is more satisfying and magical for both children and grown ups.

New Spread 2
Rooftop Garden Cover

The book measures 15 x 21 cm and has 36 fully illustrated pages.

It costs £6. To purchase please click below and I’ll send it flying to you in a few days!

page 3

 Here’s a lovely review of the book by Lisa Stubbs: ‘Lil Sonny Sky’

…and here’s a review by Jan “Book-a-holic” (UK)  from Amazon:

“This is a fabulous, fabulous little book. There is a prince who doesn’t want to be a prince, waving and smiling at people all day. He discovers that if he climbs way up to the top of the palace at night there is a garden where he can just be himself and this knowledge helps him get through the days. It is slightly “Tom’s Midnight Garden” (which happens to be one of my favourite books anyway!) but what makes this book extra special is the illustrations! They are just great. The whole thing is delightful! “

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