The Ruddy Useless Fisherman

Rufus was a ruddy useless fisherman.

He spent far too much time making up imaginary lives for lobsters and often caught himself and let the fish go.

But when he was out fishing he could see a world no one else could see:

The Land Between Tick and Tock.

The Ruddy Useless Fisherman is a tale of fishermen, giants, other worlds, dancing fish and the magical power of  music. The story was inspired by ancient Celtic stories of the sea but is set in a modern fishing town where one of the characters has a secret obsession with Abba!

As with many Celtic stories, water is a portal to another world full of wonder, time moves strangely, and the hero is full of longing to leave his everyday life.

It is a  silly and serious celebration of the sea and its stories and mysteries. The story is told in short prose chapters, with poems appearing within the story.

It is A5, 32 pages long and costs £6:

You can buy The Ruddy Useless Fisherman Book Here:

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