The Shipwrecked Sailor

This book has currently sold out but a new improved edition is coming in September 2017!!

The Shipwrecked Sailor

I published this illustrated poem in December 2008. The original A5 version has long sold out but I recently published an A6 mini-pocket version.

It all began with a picnic on the wild ‘Rock-a-Nore’ Beach in Hastings in the Spring. A magical, desolate place where the strangest drift can sometimes be found.

I recently visited a school in Brighton who were doing a project on the book. One of the children asked if I could do a recording of it to help her sleep! Here it is:

The Shipwrecked Sailor

This book features the poem illustrated with a mix of photographs of Rock-a-Nore beach and my drawing and painting..







2 Comments on “The Shipwrecked Sailor”

  1. Grace Richardson Says:

    My name is Jane Waite and I am Grace’s mum, I am going to send you a cheque for your Shipwrecked Sailor and the shell collector – I am a teacher and we are doing a sea topic next along with use of photographs and drawing so your fantastic books will be brilliant.

  2. Serena Says:

    Hi Ed,
    I think your books look lovely – I saw them in Quay Arts on the Isle of Wight. My question is this: do you live here? in which case can I stock them too?
    Best wishes,

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