WB Yeats Project

Thanks to the Waterboy’s “An Appointment with Mr Yeats” from 2012 I’ve become a WB Yeats obsessive.

Yeats leads me to an ancient mythic twilight past. He gives me this sense of something huge, other and beyond me. But at the same time it’s intimate and human- you can relate to mythic heroes and gods as people with real emotions. I love the poems from ‘The Wind Among the Reeds’ and the epic ‘The Wanderings of Oisin’. I’ve been making a series of small, spontaneous paintings and drawings in response to my reading. These pictures all measure 14 x 21 cm and are intended to be displayed as a large grid. I’m making more in the series all the time. They are the response of a fan discovering a new world rather than an expert.

Speaking of being a fan, to my delight Mike Scott of The Waterboys (my hero since 1986!) tweeted that he likes the pictures.

This work isn’t for sale but I’m seeking opportunities to exhibit.

Into the Twilight 1

Into the Twilight 2

Twilight 3

Aengus ancient

wind in reeds 1Hosting of the Sidhe 4

Wind in Reeds fullHosting of the Sidhe 5wind in reeds 3

Hosting of the Sdidhe 2

2 Comments on “WB Yeats Project”

  1. apulhed Says:

    Phernominal stuff! I love all that Ed. Apulhed

  2. […] the flow of drawing. I’ve been immersed in celtic storyland for years now, very much through Yeats and  Robin Williamson.  It was a really happy day lost in drawing these mysterious […]

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