High in The Old Oak Tree

My book ‘High in The Old Oak Tree’ is a richly illustrated picture-book-poem all about a boy who climbs an oak tree and discovers its secrets.

The book came about from a camping trip with my local ‘Woodcraft Folk’ group. We camped near to a huge old oak tree in the countryside at Pestalozzi. Being with that tree was a kind of portal to my deepest childhood experience of huge old trees.  I tried really hard to put this experience  into the book.

So this book shows what I feel a huge old oak tree is really like: wolves hide deep in its branches and a vast  sea of tears sigh under its roots.

It’s for everyone- both adults and children. It’s  for anyone who likes to take a moment or two out of the busyness of life to go on some big daydreams.

The book measures 15 x 21 cm and has 32 fully illustrated pages and a hand printed silver moon on the cover.  It costs £6. To purchase click below:Buy

Some more images from the book:





The poem has  strong rhythm, rhyme, and repetition  that can be happily turned into actions with children.

Quite a few schools have used my poems like this.

Here’s an extract:

“In the dancing shade of the high oak tree
I climbed through the afternoon,
I made my bed in its strong arms
Beneath the silver moon.

Bright distant silver moon.

I woke with the sun in the bright oak tree,
To see drifting clouds below,
I walked I sang I banged my stick,
And forgot to go home.

Happy on my own.”








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