Word Dreaming

Today we have a choice! It’s been brilliant seeing the lovely things people have been making…but I’ve realised I’ve set quite a lot to do! It’s brilliant so many people are doing the activities…but hardly anyone has done everything! So perhaps I need to plan a bit less for each day.

Choice 1: Finishing Off You could carry on with the previous tasks today, doing some finishing off or perhaps making some more coffee-stain monsters or spending longer on your 3D island. Perhaps try making some landscape scenes from your islands with wet-on-wet cold coffee painting:

It’s been really good to discover painting with coffee! It’s perfect for building up layers of sepia brown tone and soft cloudy shapes.

Choice 2: Word Dreaming*

Let’s use the work you’ve done this week as a starting point for writing.

This is me Word-Dreaming based on two pictures I did this week.

We’re going to word-dream a store of words that we’ll use for creative writing activities tomorrow.

This activity is good for children age 6 and older. It’s something I do whenever I write a poem. It’s an activity parents might enjoy too! We often do some word dreaming when I visit schools to do Able Writers’ Days. Children word-dream for 15 or 20 minutes in preparation for writing poems. Today you have all day! You can leave your word dreaming and come back to it as often as you like.

  1. spread all the work you’ve done this week on a table or on the floor
  2. Gather any other images or ojects you think fits the theme- perhaps seashells or pebbles or print out some any sea-voyage themed pictures if you have a printer.
  3. Put some gentle instrumental music on
  4. Get a pile of sheets of paper
  5. Now, word dream…write down every word that pops into your head when you look at the collection in front of you. You can choose one thing at a time or word dream based on the whole collection. See how one word leads to another and then to another. Take your time, enjoy collecting words without the pressure to form sentences.
  6. If you – or your child- find this task too open, categorise your words. You could make a collection of verbs, nouns, adjectives. You could make a collection of sense words- words to do with sight, smell, sound, taste and touch.
  7. YOU AREN’T MAKING A POEM OR STORY YET- you are making a collection of interesting words and short phrases. This store of words is going to be used for creative writing activities tomorrow.
  8. Do as many sheets of Word Dreaming as you can. But relax, take your time, go away and do other stuff and come back to it.

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* The term ‘Word Dreaming’ is a phrase I’ve borrowed from the philosopher Gaston Barchelard . It’s about enjoying individual words rather than just whole poems or stories… For example, Gaston Bachelard wrote a long chapter in his book ‘The Poetics Of Space’ just celebrating the word ‘vast’.